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B E L I E V E - 0 1
  • B E L I E V E - 0 1

    'BELIEVE' is a Sterling Silver piece from the R E S I L I E N C E Range, consisting of white lava stone with stainless steel spacers.


    This uses one of the small Hang 6 Icon Skulls.


    Each piece is finished by hand, by me, oxidised and the patina is applied individually so no two are the same. Each piece has slightly different casting marks making them as individual as you.


    The difference between "I hope" and "I Believe" is massive!


    When you stop 'hoping' things are going to go your way, and you start 'believing' that you are going to make shit happen, that right there, is where the magic happens.


    There is a place for hope, but belief is where positive action exists.


    Keep hope for the things you can't influence.  'I hope we don't get wiped out by an asteroid' for example... 


    I believe I can make this work, and this is how!!! < That is where evolution kicks in.


    Use your language wisely.


    Believe in yourself and your Resilience!


    Build your resilience.


    (Please note: The image showing two pieces is just for reference of scale, the piece for sale in this listing is the smaller of the two, and the larger version is available as a separate purchase).

    • Wrist Size

      Measure your wrist and let me know what size you require. if you give me the exact measurement, taken next to skin, no gaps, I'll make it to ensure it sits without bead seperation.

      It will be this exact piece you recieve, with either added beads or removed beads dependant on sizing.

    • Stirling Silver

      Hallmarked by the Birmingham Assay Office. It has my sponsor mark H6 which is registered to me, so anyone can trace where this came from through the years. Not many go to that extent.

      It also carries the limited edition Platinum Jubilee mark, and of course the BAO Anchor and 925 mark,

    • White Lava Stone

      White lava stone, often used in metaphysical and holistic practices, is believed to possess several healing properties.  Here are some of the purported healing properties:

      Grounding and Stability: Lava stone, including white lava stone, is thought to provide grounding energy, helping individuals stay connected to the Earth and maintain emotional balance.

      Calming and Stress Relief: The porous nature of white lava stone is believed to absorb negative energy and promote a sense of calm and relaxation. It is often used in anxiety relief and stress management practices.

      Energy Amplification: Some believe that white lava stone can amplify energy, making it a powerful tool for meditation and enhancing one’s connection to higher consciousness.

      Cleansing and Purification: White lava stone is thought to have purifying properties, helping to cleanse the aura and remove emotional blockages.

      Strength and Courage: By grounding and stabilizing the user, white lava stone is said to foster strength, courage, and resilience, helping individuals face challenges with a balanced mind.

      Enhancing Fertility: In some traditions, lava stone is associated with fertility and renewal, aiding in the growth of new ideas and ventures.

      These healing properties are often harnessed by wearing white lava stone jewelry, carrying the stones, or using them in meditation and energy healing practices. However, it’s important to note that these benefits are based on spiritual beliefs.

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