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Gary Anderson

R E S I L I E N C E  C O A C H

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Life doesn’t come with a road map or a set of instructions.  


You could read every self-help book available to you and still not know what tomorrow might bring.  

Life is a journey of twists and turns, sometimes on a daily basis.  For some it might include dealing with serious illness, the loss of a loved one, or other traumatic events which can impact you for the rest of your life.  For me, it’s adapting to those kinds of challenges and facing them head-on.  


The challenges that I have faced I can see now have empowered me and improved my life along the way.  This may not be the way for many and, of course, there have been numerous challenges that I wish I’d never had to face, but without having been through them, I would not be successfully doing what I am today in my life and career.  


In my most difficult times, I still try to look at what positivity I can find out of it. I know that along the way I will still have experiences of pain – physical and emotional – but I also know that I am positive and fiercely resilient, and that this will see me through.  


I now take good care of my health in all areas – physical, mental, and spiritual well-being, which lays a great foundation of resilience for when or if the challenges arrive.  


My mantra to myself – ‘I’ll never give up ‘til my time’s up!’


Gary and his wife Michelle truly do transform lives, through Resilience coaching.

A part of resilience can sometimes be admitting that you maybe need a hand to get through tough times, and there's zero shame in that.  


The "Man up" attitude can cost precious lives.  Even people who may seem utterly bulletproof and sorted to the outside world can be seriously struggling in silence on the inside, just putting on a brave face for the world, which in itself can be exhausting.

Gary's experiences in life have forged him into the man he is today, and some of those experiences have been truly gut-wrenching,  Gary is also a public speaker on mental health, and is also an author 'Daddy and the two bears'.

If you know someone who needs some help, Gary and Michelle may just be the answer.

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