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  • Is the existing range all hats on offer?
    I make these items, so either customising an existing item, or having a bespoke design is always a possibility. Just drop me a message and I'll get straight on it.
  • I like something that's showing out of stock, will you be making more?
    Just open the page for the relevant piece and hit the 'notify me when in stock' button. I'll see this and know to make another in a similar fashion (never exactly the same).
  • Why only Brass and Silver?
    These are my staple offerings simply because it's what I get asked for the most. I can make most things in the range in other metals, precious and non precious, as a custom order.
  • Why not just use paracord?
    Hey, everyone has free choice! ;) The reason you won't see paracord used on any HANG 6 product, is down to a few facts: Our smallest diameter spliced Dyneema chordage is 1.3mm, parachord is around 4.5mm The 1.3mm Dyneema we use has a tensile strength of 270KG, which is 595Lbs (unspliced) 550 parachord has a tensile strength of 550lbs. So even our very thinest diameter cordage out preforms standard paracord strength wise. To put it into perspective, a comparable d4mm 12 strand SK78 dyneema cord has a tensile strength of 1800kg, which is 3968.32lbs... Thats 3.418.32lbs more than slightly thicker paracord. pretty impressive eh! Dyneema is also way more resistant to clemicals and salt water. It's also non absorbant so drys very quickly and doesnt pick up unwanted weight when used in large diameter applications. Oh and splicing only reduces the strength by 5-10%. Knots reduce strength by up to 50%. HANG 6 only splice, no knots. Oh and as far as expedition use, Dyneema fibres get stronger the colder it gets, tested all the way down to -150 degrees Celcius. Because the fibres are non absorbant, dyneema cord dries very quickly, and doesnt smell like paracord very quickly will in bracelet format etc. So why Dyneema? ( or UHMwPE which is it's technical term) Well, it's just awesome basically... And at HANG 6, we like awesome.
  • What is the founder of HANG 6's background?
    I've done a few things in the past from High Risk Conflict Mediator to Commercial drone pilot, Instructor in 2 different combat systems, and a lot in between. Like most, I've faced numerous challenges in life, and it was during these times where mindset got me through, framing of situations a certain way and believing in a positive outcome. There were times where I was unable to navigate situations on my own, I absolutely needed the help of others, and all these scenarios build on personal resilience. Resilience is a true life skill, sometimes we need little reminders to push through, to take stock, to shift perspective, to find a way. That's where the resilience range comes in. Every message I receive saying 'I was struggling today, but I looked down at my piece from the resilience range, gathered myself and pushed on through' or similar, truly makes this all worth while.
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