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How things change...

When I look back to how this all started, I sometimes look at the pieces I now create and for a second can't believe how this dream of making items with embedded meaning has actually evolved, and how many awesome people I've come to know along the way.

It started with a very plain brass HANG 6 icon Skull, with a piece of Dyneema as a strap.

Now my mind is full of fresh ideas, new ways of doing things to create items not found anywhere else, not in this format anyway, because this is HANG 6, and what it stands for truly means something to so many now. And that means the world to me.

Follow your dreams, who knows where it could lead...

I want to say a massive thank you to those who have bought into HANG 6. Your support, amazing messages, photos and stories are now very much the fuel that drives me onward.

So much has happened in 2022, some of it yet to be revealed. Bring on 2023...

The Story Continues...

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