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About HANG 6

Inspiration & Creation

From product design, splicing the cordage, photography,  grinding, sanding, treating & polishing the Silver and Brass pieces in the RESILIENCE range, to website design and pretty much everything in between, all in-house. 

The only thing not done in-house is pouring the molten metal, my guy Steve in Birminghams renowned Jewellery Quarter looks after that process.

Hang 6 represents pushing forwards, setting goals, achieving them and moving onward once more.

better equipped for the next challenge.  Never giving up,

To Hang in there when times get seriously tough, and learning to have your own '6' (your own back).


Everyone has their challenges, their hurdles to overcome, and their way forward to find or forge.

For me, it was at the age of 23, after suffering a back injury when I was 17, being told by the last orthopedic surgeon I met (one of many), that I was going to have to accept that I was going to be in a wheelchair in the next 6 months, and then for the rest of my life. 

I was physically twisted through pain, and could barely walk, but decided not to accept that suggestion,  instead choosing to push myself, to continue to find a way no matter what.

The Resilience journey begun.

We are all limited by mindset in one way or another.  However, if we simply re-Frame, we can watch the magic unfold.

This is very much about that journey, sharing elements of how it's grown, and the paths it's taken me down, and hopefully helping a few people along the way.   I've met some truly incredible people so far, and I'm now extremely proud to be working with some of them on their own projects and collaborations. 

The journey continues...

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