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Kim Hughes GC
Threat Reduction Ltd

I've been working on a few projects with Kim for a little while now,  so it made sense that a collaboration would emerge at some point.

There will be a mixture of real one-offs and a 'Solid favorites' range that stack awesomely with Kims' own line of wristwear.

Every piece includes a small piece of an IED command pull that Kim salvaged from one of the many IED's that he rendered safe in Afghanistan.  A small piece of history with each piece.

Explore the Collection

Keep an eye out for one-off prototypes and other additions!

About Kim

Bomb Disposal Expert, International Best Selling Author, Firearms Instructor, and Public Speaker, who became only the 74th living recipient of the George Cross for his extraordinary acts in the Afghanistan conflict.

And on top of all that, Kim is a seriously nice guy, and I'm extremely proud to be Featuring Kim on the site.

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