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Marcus Torgerson

Self Defense and Empowerment Instructor

A few words from a man who knows about fighting demons. Marcus is a guy who wears his heart on his sleeve, a truly open hearted good guy.

I like you. I'm a proud supporter of HANG 6 and what they are about. I've been asked to send this because I'm pretty sure you will understand and relate to many of the words. And I'm gonna say, because you understand what it's like to live in the dark, in the abyss, to have demons gnaw on you from the inside and whisper in your ears things that a real friend would never whisper to you.

Destructive things, harmful things.

I have been emotionally, physically abusive to those I love to strangers and to myself. And I say all these things not for or any other reason than just to have proof of commonality and relatability.

Best news is that that darkness, while it might have little inklings there all the time, goes away. And, those demons have less of a voice in your ear. And they sure as shit don't get to nash it, the inside or outside of my skin anymore.

Many times you and I are going to be the light for others in the dark, which makes our our light greater. I am a man of faith and I believe that I went through all my bad stuff so that God could turn around and I could talk to others about showing that there's hope.

Communication, openness, transparency is key because if you're open, transparent, they got nothing to feed on, that they feed on fear and insecurity and hatred of self. So keep your head up. I have a little catchphrase that says, 'be a nightmare for bad guys'.

And those bad guys are the ones in your head. So you keep your head up, chin up, eyes up.

Stay open, stay bright, keep your heart open, and let's together be a nightmare for the bad guys inside our head and in the world.

I'm looking forward to reading all of your stories and I hope that this one resonated with you.

Stay safe.

Stay alive.

Photo Credit @offensivegroup

Marcus Torgerson
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