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Steve Page

Explorer, Ultra Runner and then some

"Resilience to me means embracing the suck! To fuel yourself off of the low moments and driving to get past the hurdle that seems insurmountable.

To allow yourself to feel the pain knowing you have pushed passed it and survived, ready to take on more.

Resilience is built by allowing yourself to feel, not pretending, or blocking It out, but to live it!”


'Sitting here having a pint absolutely destroyed after 32 hours straight at work hitting -40 Celsius and taking the ol lady out for a pint. Struggling to stay awake but cleaned my ass up for her and look down and my wrist …the skull hitting deep and hard to push along and stay genuine. You’re not making items but making a movement. Hours of chatting with @dedicatedtoimprovement about training for an Arctic race …your building a community!I hate sappy bullsh*t, but what your doing actually means something…real meaning…cheers'

Steve Page
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