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Farid Herrera

Movement Coach

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"David’s Hang 6 brand and Resilience range in particular attracted me in light of a world that is increasingly being sheltered from the nature of it’s often dark and harsh reality.

The rise of modern technology has in many ways decreased the demand for us to be physical beings.  As a result, we are now overloaded with choice, which on the surface can masquerade as a gift.

The reality is that too much choice can culminate in paralysis by analysis.

Ultimately, any inaction slowly leads to withering decay entropy and chaos. Resilience is an attribute that seems dangerously overlooked today, yet pricelessly worth pursuing.

Dave’s work is a very nice and constant reminder of this."

Farid Herrera.


So Farid, I first came across one of his reels on Instagram, his level of control and balance is seriously impressive and just damn memorizing!  I thought to myself, I'll be in touch with him one day, anyone who has that level of commitment knows about resilience.

Then out of the blue and order comes through from a name I somehow remembered, but not sure where from?  Now remembering anything for me is unusual (I put it down to all the head injuries I've picked up through the years) so I looked the name up and my mind literally blew!

Call it law of attraction, visualization or just weird fate, but paths somehow crossed.

Jon O'Sullivan (a seriously awesome human) and myself were down in London for an Explorers Club event so we caught up with Farid for a coffee and I have to say Farid is evey bit the awesome, real, open and deeply feeling guy I expected him to be.

It's when people buy into the meaning behind the HANG 6 brand, that's what just lights something up inside me.  We all have a story, HANG 6 and the path it takes me to is part of mine.  So far this journey has led to meeting some of the most inspiring and interesting people, people I'd never have met without HANG 6.

Hearing these words from Farid, and the other's who have taken the time to write something for the site makes me feel genuinely deeply emotional.

Farid's words highlight the trappings of modern society that are so easy to succumb to.

Forge your own path, step outside of the chaos and take time to move, to feel, to be.

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