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Canada - Resilience and then some

Steve Page is not your everyday Ultra runner…

1000k races amongst other seriously challenging objectives are set in Steve’s sights, -35c (and lower) is Steves training environment, so when it comes to resilience, this guy knows a bit about it!

Steve is also the Canadian HANG 6 test pilot for some new Pulk Pull sets that Steve has kindly been putting through its paces In the harsh environment it’s designed for, which is not so easy here in the uk, I just can’t squeeze a fully loaded pulk in my freezer.

A few words from Steve on what Resilience means to him;

“Resilience to me means embracing the suck! To fuel yourself off of the low moments and driving to get past the hurdle that seems insurmountable.

To allow yourself to feel the pain knowing you have pushed passed it and survived , ready to take on more.

Resilience is built by allowing yourself to feel, not pretending, or blocking It out, but to live it!”

Steve Page.

Now as Steve writes the above quote he has bust ribs and a few other injuries to keep the ribs company. This won’t keep this guy down for long though, he’s a machine and then some!

The image below is Steve not enjoying being still (for too long and not by choice).

Back to this soon though 🤙🏻

Best of luck with your epic plans dude! 👊🏻

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