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Canadian Test Pilot - Steve Page aka Seldboy

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

Some custom made, hand spliced Dyneem Pulk (sled) pulling gear off to Canada for Steve Page to put through its paces in some seriously low temperatures.

This has been custom made as a rope conversion kit for a pulk designed to be used with a rigid pulling system. In some environments the rigid bar system is king, downhills on rope could see your pulk buried into the back of your legs, but on long flats, that's where this system should shine.

This is the kind of kit that I'll tune to the user and their kit.

Weight savings, strength gains, and it floats for when it's immersion suit time!

High end kit for individuals who need characteristics you just don't get from most materials.

10k is a bit of a warm up for an ultrarunner like Steve, which in itself is awesome, but there’s even bigger plans for future achievements.

Steve has bagged a few triathlons on his journey, which are steps on the path to eventually completing the Iditarod, which is a 1,000-mile race. Nice.

Many depend on dogs to pull their kit during a Iditarod, but Steve is hauling his own gear with the use of his pulk (sled). This obviously makes the task significantly more challenging, usually taking around 29 days for pulk pulling competitors to compete.

This isn’t a race you just rock up to and have a go, as qualifying for this mammoth race requires potential competitors to have achieved multiple mandatory requirements. these include two 100 mile races and a 350 mile Iditarod.

Steve is a straight talking and funny AF dude who I’m proud to be working with and may well soon be HANG 6’s first Canadian Ambassador 😎

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