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  • G R E Y

    'Grey' is a Hallmarked Stirling Silver piece from the R E S I L I E N C E Range consisting a Dutch titanium hook fastener on Dyneema cordage.

    Each HANG 6 Icon is finished by hand, oxidised and patina applied individually, so no two are the same, they have different casting marks, they are not 'imperfect' they are individual. our scars are part of what makes us who we are. All these pendants have the HANG 6 logo in relief on the rear.

    This is one of three original pendants that have no cast, these are one-offs and won't be exactly copied again, very similar yes, but some dimensions I'll change so that I'll always be able to tell the first editions apart. Each one will be accompanied by a signed photo of the item confirming it is the first of its type.

    I set a topic to think about regarding resilience whilst working on each piece from the collection.

    In this case, it's taking in your surroundings, blending in, being almost invisible.


    You can learn more by listening, by observing your environment.  You dont need to talk all the time, or be the centre of attention.  Quietly going about your business and being part of your environment can be massivly important.  it's ok to not stand out when surrounded by others, to be the grey-man.

    Be the calmest person in the room.


    Quiet confidence.

    Embedded resilience.

    • Cordage Length

      The cordage on this item is 62cm

    • Stirling Silver

      Hallmarked at the Assay office in Birmingham in the heart of the Jewellery Quarter.  Before it revcieves it's hallmark, a tiny ammount is removed and tested for purity.  Only when it passes it's test does it recieve it's Sterling silver 925 mark. 

    • Dyneema

      This is a big part of the roots of HANG 6.

      I started making my own outdoor gear from this incredible material.  It is 15x stronger than steel of the same diameter.  One of the strongers fibres on earth.

    • Titanium hook

      I love these Dutch Ti hooks and have used them in many situations, always spliced onto Dneema cordage.   They are crazy strong and seriously lightweight.  When I was looking for a new solution for a way of wearing these new pendants, this soluton just smacked me in the face.  They won't come undone,

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