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    The GEN-X Coin is a unique collectable honouring the resilience and strength of a generation who spent most of their time outside, who learnt to make stuff to play with, solved problems on the fly, did stupid s**t as kids that was crazy fun and survived.This 50mm diameter, solid brass coin features text around the outer edge reading:"GEN-X WARNING - BEST LEFT ALONE, IF NEEDED I'LL BE THERE, BUT IF NOT, JUST LEAVE ME BE" Because that's how we roll.


    .This coin is perfect for those who want to commemorate the warrior spirit of Gen-xers and show their appreciation for their resilience. Each Gen-x Coin doesn't come in a coin capsule because this is made for handling.


    Let it patina, let it age, allow it to collect it's travel scars.This is a one-off and will remain unique. It's not a cheap coin, and that's because of the time and effort that this GEN-X'er has put into it.


    Add this powerful and unique reminder of your badass Gen-X resilience to your collection.

    • Packaging

      Supplied in the original Zippo box.