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I D E N T I T Y - B
  • I D E N T I T Y - B

    This 'IDENTITY-B' is a Brass piece from the R E S I L I E N C E Range consisting of a Dutch titanium hook fastener on awesomely strong Dyneema cordage.

    Each piece is finished by hand, by me, oxidised and patina is applied individually so no two are the same. Each piece has slightly different casting marks making them as individual as you.

    These pieces have a feel about them you just don't get from mass-produced items.

    I set a topic to think about regarding resilience whilst working on each piece from the collection.

    In this case, it was about just being yourself.
    Not the same as everyone else? GOOD!!!

    Your style and identity belong to no one other than you.

    Have faith in yourself and dance to your tune.

    Embrace individulaism!

    Embed your resilience.

    • Cordage Length

      Spliced to suit your requirements.

    • Brass

      A metal that features throughout history. 


      Ages with an individual character.

    • Dyneema

      This is a big part of the roots of HANG 6.

      I started making my own outdoor gear from this incredible material.  It is 15x stronger than steel of the same diameter.  One of the strongers fibres on earth.

    • Titanium hook

      I love these Dutch Ti hooks and have used them in many situations, always spliced onto Dneema cordage.   They are crazy strong and seriously lightweight.  When I was looking for a new solution for a way of wearing these new pendants, this soluton just smacked me in the face.  They won't come undone,

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