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M A M M O T H - T A S K
  • M A M M O T H - T A S K

    'MAMMOTH TASK' is a Hallmarked Stirling Silver piece from the R E S I L I E N C E Range, consisting of a feature bead made from a slice of stabilised fossil Mammout tooth, finished with frosted larvikite beads and sterling silver spacers.


    Each feature Mammoth bead has unique markings; these just add to the presence of the piece. And these beads really aren't very easy to come by!


    The fossil that this piece was fashioned from was discovered by an American fossil hunter, and it was pulled from the Lena river bank in Serbia. It's from the Pleistocene period, circa and is 20.000 years old. The process of getting a mammoth tooth to a point where it can be fashioned into a bead without crumbling takes years of stabilisation. No quick process.


    Because of its age, getting this piece wet isn't going to be a good idea. So please ensure it's kept dry, as surfing, swimming with sharks, or washing up, etc, could damage it.


    This is a highly unique piece, and it won't be copied, so is an absolute one-off.


    Each piece is finished by hand, by me, oxidized and patina is applied individually, so no two are the same. Each piece has slightly different casting marks making them as individual as you.


    These castings have a feel about them you just don't get from mass-produced items.


    I set a topic to think about regarding resilience whilst working on each piece from the collection.


    In this case, it's how a task or objective can seem like a truly mammoth task!

    But usually, your mind overcomplicates it, see's the unwieldy whole and not just the manageable smaller parts that collectively make the whole.


    Stop, breathe, take stock, and push forward positively with belief in yourself. You are capable of things you can't even imagine!


    Never let the perceived difficulties of an immense challenge deter you if the end goal matters.


    Every hurdle you overcome is a chance to grow, to build your resilience. The limitations start to look more like opportunities and have a different vibe, a positive one, where self-doubt once sat, a new you now takes the lead.


    Believe in your abilities.


    Choose not to give in today.


    Embed your resilience.

    • Wrist Size

      Measure your wrist and let me know what size you require. if you give me the exact measurement, I'll make it to ensure it sits without bead seperation

      The picture show it in 18cm.

      It will be this exact piece you recieve, with either added beads or removed beads dependant on sizing.

      From order I post within 3 working days.

    • Packaging

      Presentaton box, perfect for gift giving.

    • Stirling Silver

      Cast in Birminghams famous Jewellery Quarter.