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  • SEND ME - WP

    SEND ME - WP - This is a Brasspiece from the R E S I L I E N C E Range consisting of LavaStone beads and Brass spacers with a Blue Tigers Eye feature bead.

    Each HANG 6 pieceis finished by hand, oxidised, and patina applied individually, so no two are the same. They have different casting marks. They are not 'imperfect'; they are individual. Our scars are part of what makes us who we are.


    When the world needs a doer, someone to move forwards whilst the others run, send me.

    • Wrist Size

      Measure your wrist and let me know what size you require. if you give me the exact measurement, I'll make it to ensure it sits without bead seperation

      It will be this exact piece you recieve, with either added beads or removed beads dependant on sizing.

    • Packaging

      This piece comes supplied in a drawstring bag and includes a couple of stickers thrown in, too, because who doesn't like a bit of slap.