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Steve page

Ultrarunner and then some.

A little more on Steve

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"Resilience to me means embracing the suck! To fuel yourself off of the low moments and driving to get past the hurdle that seems insurmountable.

To allow yourself to feel the pain knowing you have pushed passed it and survived, ready to take on more.

Resilience is built by allowing yourself to feel, not pretending, or blocking It out, but to live it!”

Steve Page.


Above Image, Steve slowed down a bit by a few bust ribs and other non-fun side dishes.


Steve Page is not your everyday Ultra runner…

1000k races (Iditarod) amongst other seriously challenging objectives are Steve's jam, with -35c (and lower) being Steve's training environment for some parts of the year over in Canada, so when it comes to resilience, this guy knows a bit about it!

Steve is also the Canadian HANG 6 test pilot for some Dyneema Pulk pulling sets that Steve has kindly been putting through the ringer in the harsh environments they're designed for, which is not so easy here in the tropical UK, It rains in the tropics, right? ;)

And when the snow melts away, Steve just adapts to his environment and gets on with the other non-beard icicle adventures.

Steve also uses a few HANG 6 Dyneema lanyards for some of his safety-critical gear.


Steves mindset of pushing himself onwards to new levels of survival, discovering a stronger version of himself, opening new coping mechanisms that can be applied to a multitude of other scenarios in life, and understanding we are capable of so more than we know, I believe is the fundamental key to building resilience. 


You don't have to achieve something epic immediately either, if today everything just seems impossible, then just choose 1 thing, just 1, something as simple as making your bed, taking a shower, making a cup of tea (always awesome), or just take a moment just to be present and breathe... Whatever you do, focus on it, do it to the best of your ability, no matter how small that thing is, then move on to the next task with the same mindset. Try something new, set a challenge!  Be ok with that new thing not working out straight away, stay positive, learn from it, grow, and allow yourself to continually grow and become a more awesome version of you.

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