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Daniel Pearce

Former 2nd Battalion Parachute Regiment, and then onto another regiment.
Specialist dog handler. and to be honest the list is too long for this small text box of other skill sets.
Director of 22 Smokin Aces Fitness and Tactical Apparel LTD

RESILIENCE - Since 1998 I have been walking, running & pushing it hard on a long & testing path, pushing my personal RESILIENCE daily, Through my time starting out with the Royal Marine Reserves - to moving onto and cutting my teeth with 2nd Battalion Parachute Regiment 01 - 07, then onto another regiment & Running & Gunning, doing what we had To get done in the face of adversity.

Putting my life on the line for the teams, and my dogs, no matter what, tested my resilience, I bit down hard, excepted it, smiled, and thought f£&K let’s get this done! I excepted the consequences, & made peace with what could happen, and soldiered on, never knowing if this was my last sunset and would myself and my boy see the next sunrise. We did what we had to do and came home - & - yes, it has taken its toll within me, but I am resilient, and I keep moving forwards with all I do.

Once a PARATROOPER, always a paratrooper, you keep going, no matter how hard it is, you suck it up, deal with it, accept it, Laugh at it in a dark para way, and soldier on!!! When I train, I push myself every time, I dig deep inside and harness my emotions, my fighting spirit, my IRONWIL, to fight on, to be resilient, and NEVER GIVE UP !!!

I will Die Trying before I Give Up. - 💯 - I firmly believe - “Where There Is A Will - There Is A Way “, and no matter how dark & nasty & cold & lonely it is! You keep going!!!! You keep going, step after step after step !! Take each painful step forwards!!! Until you reach the light !!! And when you break out into the brilliance of that light, and your RESILIENCE has stood the test, you help others do the same. And you keep moving forwards - onwards and upwards.

Personal Resilience comes in many forms and is forged within us in many ways. We all can be resilient, we all can resist, and can be strong for the work that lays before us. You choose to stand strong for you!

You choose to say I've got this!!! Embrace the suck !!! Be a warrior and fight on hard, fight on and on in the way you need to accomplish what is set out in front of you, believe in yourself, believe I can I will & you have the ironwill, and forged and hardened resilience to get it done for you !!! Get It Done for YOU !!! I’m still fighting on , still putting my life on the line, for what I believe in, and I will resist !!! I will overcome all, because my personal resilience is strong and my close circle of teammates and friends is small, and we are strong together.

Smile in the face of adversity and think and say bring it!!! I’ve got this & I will ruin your day!!! It’s Do Or Die Trying Time!!! So Let’s Get This Done!!!

Be Resilient, Be Strong of Mind, Be Strong of Body & Be Ready4Anything - Employ Your IRONWILL RESILIENCE & overcome all in your way - You Got This 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

Instagram: @22smokinaces_ironwill_ops

Instagram: @22smokinaces_ironwill_merch

Daniel Pearce
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