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Rob M

Recovering from Complex PTSD and training for his first Ultra Marathon.

I was born in South London in the late 70s and unfortunately didn’t have the best of childhoods.

By the age of 13, I was involved in drugs gangs and street crime. I was never destined for an office job in a 9 to 5 life and have spent the best part of over 20 years living a very different one.

After experiencing Prison and homelessness I was diagnosed with Complex PTSD a result of experiences from Childhood into Adulthood which I still struggle with today, but in some cases I've only myself to blame .

While living in a Hostel through the Pandemic I read a book that took me back to a more positive time in my childhood and my obsession with Polar Explorers.

From Captain Scott and Ernest Shackleton to more modern day explorers the likes of Lou Rudd and Mark Wood. Reading about there extraordinary lives and Polar Experiences gave me a new sense of direction.

I stopped using drugs and drinking alcohol and started running and working on my mental health. From then to now I’m 2 years clean and sober progressing through my recovery program and training for my first Ultra Marathon.

Hang6 and The Resilience range represents to me a positive sense of achievement , excepting that everybody makes mistakes through life and an everyday reminder to me to stay away from the darker aspects of myself and keep on the good path of enlightenment and positive well being. As a great man once said “Onwards” to accomplishing more positive goals with Resilience close to hand.

Rob is trurning his life around, taking a positive path, and I wish him all the best on his journey.

It doesnt matter how bad things get. You have it in your gift to make a consious desision to make them better, one step at a time.

The bit that ironically touched me about this story the most, was whilst Rob and I were chatting, he mentioned how much he was looking forwards to showing his daughter this page, dad doing something positive.

Well here you are mate. Keep up the awesome work.

IG: @dedicated2improvement

Rob M
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