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A gift to a Inuit Hunter...

Updated: May 6, 2022

This is Devon Manik, one of the few remaining Inuit Hunter/Mushers in the Canadian high arctic, with the remote Resolute Bay being Devon’s home.

Devon holds in his mitt 'RECOVER' from the Resilience range, gifted to him by Mark Wood (EXPEDITION SOLO 100).

I made this piece for Mark originally, Mark said he'd get some photos of it on his next arctic expedition, and in the process passed it onto this incredible guy!

Everyone knows I love seeing pieces for the range in awesome places around the world, well this one will always be up there (Literally). A piece that has gone on it's own journey...

Devon is ensuring the traditions of the Inuit people are kept alive and he's extremely passionate about the truly remarkable environment he lives in.

Devon was recently presented with the very exclusive Explorers Club Chapter coin by Great Britain & Ireland Chapter Membership Director Craig Mathieson. Devon is a truly inspirational individual, and I couldn't be prouder that he now wears this HANG 6 piece.

I'm deeply happy and very humbled.

This is what it's all truly about for me, it's a journey, and each piece adds to the story.

More than just jewellery, it's jewellery with meaning...

A massive thank you goes out to (the also inspirational) Mark Wood for the amazing story and photos, and for simply being such a great guy, who also happens to make awesome tea.

Pop, one of Marks dogs modelling it before the expedition… covered in mud… so must have been a fun day 🤙🏻

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