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H A N G 6 = Adaptation, Endurance, Resilience.

Updated: Oct 3, 2021

I'm working on a new range of bespoke jewellery at the moment, which is a bit of a side step from the road I thought i was set on, but I've learnt a lot of new skills as part of this new journey, so all is good!

I believe in life it's important to be fluid and open to change... so here we go!

The craftsmen who make the cold-molds, the metal casters are all based in the Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham, here in the UK. I've e built relationships with people who are passionate about their craft, who are part of the very life blood of jewelry making in the UK.

I've designed and 3D printed these then finished he master copies by hand to then be used for the master cold-molds.

I meet all parties who are part of the creation of these items in person, I bring each item to each craftsman for them to do their thing and I luckily get to see how they do what they do.

I'm invested in the journey of these pieces, it's personal.

The raw cast items are then finished by hand, by me.

I can get a mirrored finish, free of imperfections, but what would that represent?

We all have our scars, we learn from them, we grow, become more resilient, don't hide them.

Wear them with Pride!

These will collect their own scrapes and scars, personality and individualism over time too.

Wear them, age them and crack on.

The image below shows Brass and Silver samples with various finishing applied.

The below image shows them straight from the casters, this is where I take over.

silver on the left, brass on the right.

The original inspiration for creating these was the idea of a custom made thank you gift for a very special customer, for their support. Initially just made from brass. Now brass may not be deemed a precious metal, however the part it's played in history from early navigation devices to ammunition casings and so on means it's always been there as a critical component at the thick end of things, and I appreciate it for that.

At the moment, I'm solely working with Brass and Silver... The interest of others will dictate the road from here. I'm working on custom fastenings etc also at the moment, when I'm happy with everything, they'll be released.

Bespoke Jewellery for individual individuals.

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