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It’s a Family thing…

Updated: Jun 20, 2022

Unexpected awesome milestones, messages that just uplift you, and just a wholesome good feeling running through your veins…

This was one of those moments….

“RESILIENCE for me is part of my life. It’s what I’m about and it’s what I’ve become. Through my Military career, a Motorcycle brotherhood, both in Life and Family Life. Through testing times and times of toughness, the RESILIENCE ethos has seen me through.

I’ve bought into the HANG 6 brand from the moment I saw it. I could relate to what the brand stands for, so much so it is now part of my family. Uniting us as a small family by showing our RESILIENCE and making it a family value more than ever.

Shout out to Dave and the work you are doing, it means more than just a piece of jewellery for not just me but every customer or anyone who wears the brand 💀✊🏾“


this is what it’s all about.

Simple as that.

Shout out to Richie for the kind words!

I'm mega stoked that you are the first HANG 6 kitted-out family.

Beyond awesome!

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