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R E S I L I E N C E - Neckwear

Here’s a sneak peek of some of the new range hitting the site really soon!

These hallmarked Sterling Silver pieces are suspended by Dyneema cordage (up to 15x stronger than steel) with a spliced eye and spliced on Ti Dutch hook, all harking back to my outdoor beginnings (I use these exact Ti hooks for my Dyneema tarp ridge-line). Crazy light, insanely strong.

The materials complement each other to emit an overall hardcore, but slick look, all which stands out from the usual chain/cordage and fasteners commonly used.

These first releases are real one offs, no moulds taken, totally individual items and won’t be exactly copied again.

Future pieces may look similar, but their dimensions or features will vary. So these are also real collectors pieces.

A signed photo confirming that each piece is a first edition will be included with each one.

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