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C R E W - B L U E
  • C R E W - B L U E


    'C R E W - B L U E’ is a Sterling Silver first piece of its kind from the R E S I L I E C E range, consisting of 6mm Blue Tigereye beads and Hermatite spacers.


    This pievce features a medium sized center Skull 13.8mm with two smaller skulls (11.6mm tall) .


    Each piece is finished by hand, by me, oxidised and patina is applied individually so no two are the same. Each piece has slightly different casting marks making them as individual as you.


    These castings have a feel about them you just don't get from mass produced items.


    This is about your family, blood or otherwise.


    We guide, advise, provide backup and protect with absolute ferocity the ones we love.


    Our crews are sacred to us.


    Onwards always.


    Forwards through this world.


    Stronger together.

    • Wrist Size

      Measure your wrist and let me know what size you require. if you give me the exact measurement, I'll make it to ensure it sits without bead seperation

      Please measure close to the skin, and on the narrowest part of your wrist.

      It will be this exact piece you recieve, with either added beads or removed beads dependant on sizing.

      From order I post within 3 working days.

    • Packaging

      Supplied in a drawstring bag with a limited edition Hang 6 sticker 🤙🏻

    • Sterling Silver

      Individually cast, Individually finished, for individuals who dont follow the crowd.

    • Hematite

      Hematite is believed to have strong healing power and also have the ability to serve as a protective cloak.

      Used by prehistoric man for etching his ideas on the walls of caves.

      Ground down It was smeared onto the faces of Native Americans and used as war paint. In its solid state, Hematite adorned the tombs of the pharaohs. As you can see the spanning history covers everything from art to elite status and the powers of protection.

      Hematite comes from the depths of South Africa, Brazil. Quebec around the shores of Lake Superior. It can even be found in the snowy peaks of Switzerland. 

      It’s always been a stone that keeps the wearer well and truly grounded.

    • Blue Tigers Eye

      Blue Tigers Eye is believed to be a symbol of strength.

      It calls on courage, deepens willpower, and helps those who wear it to overcome all kinds of challenges in their lives

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