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C O L D - E X P O S U R E
  • C O L D - E X P O S U R E

    'COLD EXPOSURE' is a Sterling Silver piece from the R E S I L I E N C E Range, consisting of Jasper beads.


    This uses a 16.8mm HANG Icon Skull.


    Each piece is finished by hand, by me, oxidised and patina is applied individually so no two are the same. Each piece has slightly different casting marks making them as individual as you.


    This piece represents inner control, management of self.


    Slowness of breath, relaxation and acceptance, calmness of mind.


    You can be calm, and have clarity in unexpected ways when you choose to.


    Let go of fear, believe in you, take steps to deepen your understandoing of your capabilities.


    Build your rersilience.

    • Wrist Size

      Measure your wrist and let me know what size you require. if you give me the exact measurement, taken next to skin, no gaps, I'll make it to ensure it sits without bead seperation.

      It will be this exact piece you recieve, with either added beads or removed beads dependant on sizing.

    • Larvikite

      Believed to stimulate creativity and deepen wisdom by dispelling unnecessary thoughts.

    • Stirling Silver

      Hallmarked by the Birmingham Assay Office. It has my sponsor mark H6 which is registered to me, so anyone can trace where this came from through the years. Not many go to that extent.

      It also carries the limited edition Platinum Jubilee mark, and of course the BAO Anchor and 925 mark,

    • Packaging

      Packaging designed for the recycle bin.

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