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So, one thing that puts a massive smile on my face is seeing photos of the HANG 6 pieces in interesting places. One constant source of such photos has been 羽場 隆行 Takasahabaokuyuki.

Takasahabaokuyuki is an avid explorer of the wilds of Japan.

The great outdoors massively contributes to our overall wellbeing as nature is one hell of a powerful tonic! Whilst documenting his journeys Takasahabaokuyuki often features his HANG 6 wristwear from the R E S I L I E N C E range in his shots, which is both much appreciated by me, and just plain awesome!

Takasahabaokuyuki is also a fellow 'leave no trace' hammock user (hence relaxing in his hammock shot!), using Warbonnet Hammocks, literally the most comfortable way to spend a night in the great outdoors! (Love my Blackbird XLC!)

How awesome are these shots!!

And chill.......

Massive thank you to Takasahabaokuyuki, much appreciated my friend! I'm over there next year, hopefully we get a chance to meet up!

So get your shots sent over on insta, facebook or to

And who knows, maybe you hit the Blog ;)

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